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Reham Khan, Imran’s ex-wife, claims that he “chose the wrong woman to fool with.”

Reham Khan, a 45-year-old British-Pakistani writer, journalist, and the former spouse of Pakistan’s new Prime Minister, Imran Khan, vehemently disputes any connection between the impending publication of her biography and Imran Khan’s election to a position of authority.

she paints a devastating picture of Pakistan’s new prime minister in her most recent book. She discusses the political forces attempting to suppress her as well as the reasons why her ex-husband is unfit for politics.

Reham Khan, who was born in Libya to Pakistani parents, claims that she had been writing an exposĂ© for years when she first started hearing the rumors. “The rumors began about four or five days after we decided to dissolve our marriage, even before we divorced.” I hadn’t received the divorce decree when they began.

Reham khan asked “I did it because of the PTI’s preoccupation with this book,”

Tabloids were paying me absurd sums of money to write about Imran and his way of life. I believe that because his party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf [PTI], was concerned about what book I would publish, its members began disparaging my name whenever they had the chance.

Monetary system. Who destroyed it, and why can’t this phone democracy restore it? Beware of my observation of the one controlling our puppets.

“The PTI often alleged that I was penning a defamatory book to discredit Imran whenever they attacked Nawaz Sharif, the previous Pakistani prime minister, and leader of the Pakistan Muslim League.” I suppose what drove me to do it was the PTI’s infatuation with this book. Since I work in journalism, I may have already written it at some point, but PTI forced me to put more effort into it.

Before relocating to Pakistan in 2013 to work on TV news there, Khan spent nearly ten years working as a broadcast journalist in the UK. Even though Reham khan claims that he and his party are “worse than naked tyranny,” the ex-election cricketer’s victory has helped her book, which is set for release on Friday.

Reham khan asked Before they killed me, I had to share my story.

According to Khan, the prospect of dying became the motivating force that inspired her to write the book. “As Imran’s influence inside PTI grew, so did the frequency and seriousness of the threats.” I raised my three children by myself. The threats also came in the shape of brotherly counsel about how risky it would be to write a book that exposed Imran’s deceit, which could not be proven in court.

As Reham khan puts it, “When that occurs to you for years, you realize that there won’t be anyone there to tell your tale if you die.” The PTI intended to intimidate me into quiet, but it picked the wrong lady to play with. Threats didn’t make me feel fearful; instead, they made me realize that I had to tell my experience before they killed me. When someone doesn’t want a story to be told, it fuels my passion to tell it vehemently.

Reham and Imran were married for nine months in 2015, and so began the four-month process of digging through old diary entries, writing fresh ones, and placing her brief marriage in the context of Pakistan’s political environment and Imran’s growing weight within it.

In September of last year, Khan began writing her book, and by December, the first draught was finished. Reham khan has struggled to publish it despite enthusiasm and coverage on a global scale. Due to Pakistan’s exclusion from the book’s distribution by her new publisher, Harper Collins, Khan has privately sold an unedited, uncensored version there. The author states, “With a few friends and family members’ assistance, I produced some copies and we’re essentially simply distributing them across Pakistan—just so that people can know the truth.”

Although the book is being promoted widely as a tell-all on Imran Khan, the author disagrees with that description. Reham khan describes it as a “tell-all” about her life and the problems she has struggled with. The book discusses my early life in Libya, my formative connections, the paradox of growing up Muslim in a wealthy, westernized household, my first marriage, and balancing a job with being a single mother. It talks about misogyny in Bollywood and how we are raised to view divorce negatively, even when we are unhappy.

reham khan

“I’ve talked a lot about domestic abuse in it, and how, regardless of our socioeconomic status, all women struggle with issues that are essentially the same. The book discusses how we live our lives trying to please the men in our lives and our mothers, as well as how love can make us foolish, she says with a chuckle.

But more than anything, it was about taking back control of my story. The PTI attempted to undermine me by claiming that I had political ambitions and that I had pushed Imran to put my family in positions of authority while we were still married. I don’t have a lot of family in Pakistan, and I can’t run for office until I renounce my citizenship, which I haven’t done. So, stating my truth while writing this book was necessary.

Reham khan asked Even when he was not around, he had an impact on my life.

While Reham khan acknowledges that there is a “more-than-necessary” focus on her ex-husband, she claims that India and Pakistan’s interest in him justifies this decision. According to leaked passages from the book, it contains startling facts about the prime minister’s personal life.

“India and Pakistan are cricket maniacs. He became popular due to his cricket career. He became famous in India, and in a way, Pakistan did the same. His extravagant lifestyle, public infatuation with him, and love life are all aspects of his larger-than-life persona, according to her. Because he impacted my life even when he wasn’t present, a significant portion of the book is devoted to him.

For example, Imran’s appearance during the height of his fame impressed my first husband. I will discuss the results of Pakistan’s 1992 World Cup victory. I went ahead and wed him after that. Imran has been a part of all of our lives for 40 years, even though we were only married for a year.

Reham khan asked Shouldn’t people be aware of what he is like?

The morality of sharing information that was observed and heard in private when the spouse at the time of the incident was present is a lingering and uneasy concern. Is it appropriate to disclose the episodes in her book in public, even if they are real, especially when they are so deeply personal? Khan doesn’t appear to feel bad about this. “I believe that our Eastern values have been employed against me.” My abusers claim that I have revealed our bedroom secrets. I didn’t.

“Since he is Pakistan’s prime minister and will be making crucial decisions, shouldn’t the public be aware of his true character?” They would have brought legal action if I had made false or defamatory statements. However, there are only social media threats and pre-action protocol letters; there are no actual instances. Could you please explain why that is?



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