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The Other Not-Out Inning of Imran Khan

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The founder of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (Pakistan’s Movement for Justice), Mr. Imran Khan is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s 22nd prime minister. Based on the ideas of “Riyasat-e-Madinah” and Mr. Jinnah’s vision, he has the vision to turn Pakistan into a welfare state. On October 5, 1952, Imran Khan was born into a wealthy Pashtun family in Lahore. He attended the top universities in Pakistan and the UK, including the Royal Grammar School in Worcester and Aitchison College in Lahore, to receive his education. His older relatives, Javed Burki and Majid Khan, who both served as leaders of the Pakistani national team, were great cricketers.

Imran Khan began playing cricket in his early adult years on the cricket team at Aitchison College. Later, as captain of the Oxford cricket team in the UK, he kept playing while attending the University of Oxford to study philosophy, politics, and economics. He later became a member of Pakistan’s national cricket squad. In 1982, at the height of his cricketing prowess, he assumed leadership of the national team and guided them to a memorable win in the 1992 Cricket World Cup. He advocated for a neutral candidate for the election commission and backed the introduction of neutral umpiring on the field, both of which significantly changed the game of cricket.

Imran Khan’s journey to a Pakistan free of corruption

On April 25, 1996, Imran Khan began his journey with the catchphrase “Corruption-free Pakistan.” The Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf is the political party he founded. At first, there were only a few people at this party. Later, it developed into the largest party in this nation. Sheikh Rasheed, a current supporter and member of this party, once referred to it as a “Tanga party” (Horse Cart party) due to the small number of its members. PTI had little initial success; in the general elections of 1997 and 2002, only Imran Khan secured a seat for his party. Because they thought the 2008 general election was fraudulent and rife with anomalies, Imran Khan openly boycotted it.

In the general elections of 2013, Pakistan Tahreek e Insaaf had a resounding victory and finished third with 36 seats. Additionally, this party formed a government in KPK and functioned remarkably well. They introduced health cards in KPK and implemented numerous reforms in the police, health, and education departments. With 149 seats in the National Assembly, Pakistan’s Tahreek e Insaaf won a resounding victory in the country’s 2018 elections (including 28 women and 5 minority seats). With the help of the alliance of PML-Q, BAP, MQM-P, JWP, BNP-M, AML, and GDA, PTI established its government in the federal government as well as Punjab, KPK, and Balochistan.

Imran Khan’s First Speech as Prime Minister

 We must force Pakistan to stand on its own two feet and prevent anyone from using our nation as a front in another person’s conflict. In his first speech as prime minister, PM Imran Khan stressed this.

The previous administration left this one with several difficulties, including a bank deficit, a low foreign reserve, corruption, and many others. Despite COVID-19, this government did well throughout its three and a half years in office. Both national and international venues praised the government’s initiatives and policies. The voices of the Muslims in Palestine and Kashmir were also raised by this government. by condensing the narrative and reaching the final hours of this administration.

This is NOT a conspiracy theory Imran Khan

March 2022 was a challenging month for Imran Khan’s administration. To obtain NRO 2, twelve parties formed the PDM coalition against the existing administration. A resolution of no confidence was supposed to be presented against Prime Minister Imran Khan. Imran Khan was making every effort to improve Pakistan. He believed that Pakistan would not benefit from this relationship. Calling the Chief of Army Staff, he detailed the entire incident. He warned him that the Pakistani economy could suffer as a result of this experiment in government transition and a lack of confidence. A motion of no confidence was afterward presented to the national assembly and was successful thanks to several members of the Bolshie party.

Imran Khan left the cabinet on April 9 and was replaced as Pakistan’s prime minister by Shahbaz Sharif. Pakistan is currently experiencing the worst of circumstances and economic difficulties. Economists claim that Pakistan is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Highlights Of The Significant Successes In Government Construction Under The PTI Amnesty Plan 
The Imran Khan administration has started and finished several brand-new, significant CPEC projects. 
Construction of the Diamer Bhasha and Mohmand Dams 
Introducing new legislation to safeguard women 
He brought up the issue of Islamophobia at the UN and brought all Muslim nations together to support it. 
Pakistan is protected from being banned by new money laundering rules. 
Pakistan’s current account deficit an increase in foreign reserves 
The voices of the Muslims in Palestine and Kashmir were also raised by this government. 
granted the western nations the Prophets’ Honor (PBUH). 
The Kamyab Jawan Program was started by Imran Khan. 
The Ehsas Emergency Relief Fund was made available during COVID.

Imran Khan launched the Roshan Digital Account for Pakistanis living abroad in 2020 to help them.

The administration of Imran Khan has launched a scholarship program for underprivileged and needy undergraduate students. 
The Ehsas Langar Program was started by the Pakistani government in collaboration with Saylani Welfare International for the underprivileged community. 
The Pakistani government started the Sehat Insaf Card scheme, which offers free treatment, to help the lower-income class with expensive medical care. 
APNA housing in Ghar. 
housing facilities for travelers and the destitute. 
This is my first time voting from abroad. 
Electronic voting machines were introduced to ensure fair elections. 
The Kisan initiative helps farmers and the agricultural industry. 
Strengthen NAIB and FBR for a corruption-free Pakistan. 
Boost exports: improved links with India thanks to the opening of the Kartarpur Corridor. 
Combating Islamophobia and blasphemy

The government opened several universities for Pakistani students. 
Imran Khan categorically rejected allowing America to use Pakistani territory for its wars against other nations and to once again endanger Pakistanis’ lives (NO MORE, DO MORE). 
promotion of national languages and culture. 
Fresh healthcare facilities Inauguration 
The Million Trees Program and Clean Green Pakistan 
COVID-19’s effective management is regarded as among the best.

Imran Khan’s Not Out In Innings 

His 22-year political career has focused on issues of justice, equality, and compassion. Imran Khan, Pakistan’s prime minister, has the vision to turn his country into a welfare state based on the ‘Riyasat-e-Madinah’ ideals. He established the Ehsaas (compassion) initiative with a focus on the needs of the people to help Pakistan’s underprivileged communities. He left the administration as a result of a plot by corrupt local politicians and the USA to amend the NAB’s policies to protect their corruption.

But as a result of the conspiracy, he gained more public support. People want him to support them in politics so that they can salvage this nation, which is everything to its citizens. For the people of Pakistan, he represents their last chance. May Allah protect Pakistan and keep Muhammad and his entourage safe from nefarious eyes. Pakistan will soon be free of all of these difficulties.

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