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Imran Khan Niazi asks institutions, “Why did you allow these crooks to control Pakistan?”

Imran Khan Niazi, a former prime minister, is speaking at the PTI’s power show in Islamabad, which was conducted on Saturday to denounce the coalition government led by the PML-N.

About the eagerly anticipated “Azadi March” rally that he abruptly called off in May, he said, “I did not stage a sit-in because we knew that a sea of people would come out in the evening and there were chances of violence since people were unhappy due to the police crackdown on protestors.”

The demonstration is known as the “Azadi March,” which unexpectedly ended in May.


Imran Khan Niazi claimed that by calling an end to the protest in the federal capital, he prevented violence that the current authorities intended to see between PTI and institutions and law enforcement.


The previous premier claimed that the current leaders had no stake in the nation because all of their “stolen assets” were hidden abroad.

They don’t have to live and die here. Therefore it doesn’t matter if the country experiences setbacks or the currency depreciates, he continued.

Imran Khan Niazi questioned the institutions, asking, “Why did you enable thieves to be imposed on Pakistan?” He called the Sharif and Zardari families corrupt.

Is it just my job to fight corruption in our nation? He said that by changing the NAB law, they resolved corruption cases worth billions of rupees.

Is it not also your responsibility? The former PM questioned the institutions, “Or is it just up to me to keep our country safe?

The message that there is still time to protect this country from thieves is being delivered to the institutions by citizens who have taken to the streets across the nation.

People, according to Imran Khan Niazi, neither believe the “US plot” nor will they permit these “thieves” to govern.

Imran Khan Niazi claimed that no premier in history has ever referred to his country as “beggars,” a statement made by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and other political figures.


Imran Khan Niazi referred to Defense Minister Khawaja Asif’s claim that the nation was on a ventilator and said, “These two families have been running this country for 30 years, so who is guilty of destroying this country?”

I want to say to everyone, “Listen to me. You might be wrong if you think people in this country will accept those who worship money.

Is it just me who has spoken out against corruption? Imran Khan Niazi requests that organizations.

Imran Khan Niazi, the chairman of the PTI, questioned the nation’s institutions on Saturday about if he was still the sole one fighting corruption.

The former prime minister posed the following question to a jalsa at the federal capital’s Parade Ground after leading a protest from Rawalpindi: “Can the institutions not notice the crooked people wrecking the country?”

Imran Khan Naizi

“How did you permit these crooks to control the nation is my question to the institutions of the nation. Don’t you see that when thieves are in positions of power, the country is destroyed?” questioned the PTI chief.

Imran Khan Niazi speaks to PTI supporters at the Parade Ground in Islamabad.

Imran Khan Niazi began by outlining his reasoning for calling off his lengthy march on May 26. He claimed, “I knew there would be pandemonium that evening and they would have faced the police and the Rangers.” The police, the Rangers, and [this] country are all mine. I don’t want to incite unrest across my country. I had only one goal when I set out: the imported government was intolerable.

He said to his political opponents, “Listen carefully. Our life and death are in Pakistan.” He acknowledged that they wanted him to take on the army and the judiciary.

Imran Khan Niazi said that after resisting the IMF’s demands for two and a half years, he only raised gasoline prices by Rs10, as opposed to the “sky-high” increase implemented by the current administration. He further accused the government of giving in to IMF pressure within two months.



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