Imran Khan Niazi Seconed Wife

Reham Nayyar Khan

Date Of Birth:- 3-April-1973

Papoular Name: Reham Khan (Imran Khan Niazi)

Citizenship: British

Occupation: Journalist

Imran Khan Niazi and Reham Khan met for the first time in May 2014, when Reham khan interviewed Imran Khan Niazi for a television show. That was Reham Khan and Imran Khan’s first meeting. Imran Khan Niazi summoned Reham Khan for another brief encounter, telling her he needed to talk about something essential, according to Reham Khan.

Imran Khan Niazi

Reham Khan History

Reham Khan was born to Nayyar Ramzan, a Pakistani surgeon. She is a Pashtun woman descended from the Swati sub-tribe of Lughmani. She is fluent in four languages: English, Urdu, Pashto, and Hindko, her native tongue. Her family is from Baffa, a town 15 kilometers west of Mansehra in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Reham was born in 1973 in Ajdabiya, Libya, to parents who had moved there in the late 1960s. She has two siblings: a brother and a sister.

Her uncle is Abdul Hakeem Khan, an ex-governor of the province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and ex-Chief Justice of the Peshawar High Court.

Reham khan graduated from Peshawar’s Jinnah College for Women with a bachelor’s degree in education.

When she was 19, she married Ejaz Rehman (Spelling variations include Ijaz), her first cousin and a British doctor. Khan began working as a TV journalist after their divorce. Since the divorce, she has been living with her three children.

Imran Khan Niazi

Imran Khan Niazi married Reham Khan on January 6, 2015, but they divorced on October 30, 2015.

Imran Khan Niazi

Reham Khan’s Professional Life

In 2006, Reham Khan began her career as a host on legal television. In 2007, Reham khan began programming for Sunshine Radio Hereford and Worcester. Reham Khan started her career at the BBC in 2008 as a weather lady.

Reham Khan moved to Pakistan in 2013 and began working for the Pakistani television channel News One (Pakistani TV channel). She later joined Aaj TV, a Pakistani television station. She joined dawn news after a brief spell on PTV in 2014 to headline the current affairs show’s main subject. After a brief hiatus, she returned to work in early 2015 with a new show on Dawn. The Reham Khan Show, a show honoring Pakistani heroes, started in May 2015.

She launched Tabdeeli, a new Neo TV debate show, in December 2015. Imran Khan, her ex-husband, uses Tabdeeli (change) as a campaign slogan. In June 2016, Reham khan quit Neo TV.

January, a love comedy set in Swat that was released on Eid-ul-Adha, September 13, 2016, in Pakistan, was also produced by Reham khan.

Imran Khan Niazi Khan Niazi and Reham khan’s relationship is broken down as follows.

Imran Khan Niazi
Imran Khan Niazi

Imran Khan Niazi and Reham Khan’s first meeting

Imran Khan Niazi Khan Niazi and Reham Khan initially met in May 2014, while Reham Khan was interviewing Imran Khan for a television show. That was Reham Khan and Imran Khan’s first encounter. Imran Khan summoned Reham khan for another brief meeting, telling her that he needed to talk about something essential, according to Reham Khan.

The two met for the second time in Imran Khan’s place. Imran Khan made his proposal to Reham Khan there. “I am looking to get married,” Imran Khan tells Reham Khan. I’m not interested in doing anything else with you. “I’m interested in marrying you.”

Imran Khan Niazi

WHY MARRIAGE with Imran Khan Niazi?

Imran Khan Niazi Khan Niazi stated that the Sharif family targeted him because he was single. Reham khan believes that. She quotes Imran Khan as saying, “Sharifs are horrible b******s.” They continually criticize my current life since I am single.”

Reham Khan states in her book that Imran Khan wanted to marry her because of this. Imran Khan claims that he was forced to divorce his previous wife, Jemima Goldsmith, because they couldn’t get along.

THE COURTSHIP with Imran Khan Niazi

By June 2014, the two had met and fallen in love. It was also the time when Imran Khan introduced his sister Aleema khan to Reham Khan. Aleema Khan, though, at first sight, didn’t say much but later told Imran Khan not to marry Reham Khan, says the latter in her book. Imran Khan told him that his sister had shown her a webpage called ‘Truth about Reham Khan. Imran Khan Niazi’s family was adamantly opposed to his decision. to marry Reham khan. But Imran Khan went ahead and married her anyway.

THE CELEBRATION OF NIKAH Imran Khan Niazi and Reham Khan

The Nikah ceremony took place on October 31, 2014. Only a few people attended the event, and it happened in Imran Khan Niazi’s bedroom. Reham Khan further writes that there was also a scuffle between her and Imran Khan a day before their marriage.

A woman named Moby had texted Imran Khan not to marry Reham khan because of her scandalous past in London. Imran Khan had told Reham khan about this. This led to arguments between the two. Imran Khan later apologized and, on the following day, married Reham khan.

imran khan niazi.

After MARRIAGE Reham Khan about Imran Khan Niazi

In her autobiography, Reham Khan writes that life after her marriage to Imran Khan Niazi was not what she had anticipated. Imran Khan was accused of being authoritarian by her. Reham Khan found Imran Khan problematic, from forbidding guests after 7 p.m. to playing loud music throughout Ramzan.

Imran Khan was also suspected of using drugs, according to her. “He’d normally go to the restroom every hour or so,” Reham Khan says, “and gradually I started discovering the tell-tale signs of powder on his nostrils and cotton swabs with Vaseline in drawers.”

Divorce of Reham Khan and Imran Khan Niazi

Imran Khan Niazi

Imran Khan Niazi’s drug addiction, according to Reham Khan, has not decreased. Furthermore, she had caught him cheating on her in one incident. Reham Khan expressed her dissatisfaction with the marriage. She added that she had saved Imran Khan’s phone number to her phone a’ ‘Lia.”

When Imran Khan Niazi approached her about a guy with whom he suspected she had a relationship in the past, she raged at him”

“Since our country has been saved from you,” Reham Khan said to Imran Khan” “there must be some good remaining in Pakistan.”” Mine faily is no longer in jeopardy. Allah, on the other hand, is the one who has rescued me. All yearI’veve been perplexed as to why Allah would deny you your wish, Imran Khan” “The last thing I want in any of my children is your blood.””


On October 30, 2015, the two agreed to part ways. Reham Khan has been vociferous in her criticism of Imran Khan Niazi, whereas Imran Khan has kept silent. Her book was even published right before the 2018 general elections.

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