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Imran Khan will host an international telethon to raise money for flood victims

Imran Khan, a former prime minister and the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), said on Saturday that he would host a global telethon to raise money for flood victims on Monday night.

The former prime minister said on his official Twitter account that “our senior leadership convened and we decided I would undertake [an] international telethon to raise funds for flood-affected people on Monday night.”

He said that the PTI’s tiger force, which he refers to as the “Imran Tigers,” would be launched to recruit volunteers for relief efforts. He continued, “A committee headed by Sania Nishtar would be established to identify and coordinate the allocation of cash based on needs.”

Imran made it clear that his campaign for “true freedom” would coexist with efforts to aid those affected by the storm.

However, sources told Express News that due to the destruction caused by floods across the nation, the party has chosen to postpone scheduled political events.

Over 30 million people nationwide have been impacted by historic monsoon rainfall and flooding over the past few weeks. The authorities’ challenges in organizing rescue and relief operations in the area are exacerbated by the loss of infrastructure and breakdown in communication links.

The administration has requested assistance from the international community as it attempts to deal with the effects of the heavy rains that caused catastrophic floods and nearly 1,000 fatalities.

To prevent a repeat of the destruction brought on by the recent super deluge, Imran announced the building of 10 additional dams in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa on Friday during a visit to the flood-affected districts of the province.

Imran met with flood victims at a camp put up at the Ratta Kulachi Sports Complex while touring the Dera Ismail Khan and Tank regions. The former prime minister examined the relief and recovery efforts in the devastated districts while being accompanied by Chief Minister of K-P Mahmood Khan.

If we had dams, we could simply store water, the former prime minister added. “Mount Sulaiman should also have a dam constructed. Dam construction is the only way to stop flood-related calamities.

Imran khan claimed that the current floods had caused greater damage than the ones in 2010, and he added that the provinces of Sindh and Balochistan had been the hardest hit. He instructed the party’s volunteers to aid and assist the flood victims.

Imran Khan refuses to collect funds for flood relief

Imran claimed in a video that was made public after he flew over Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s flood-affected areas that he was unable to raise money for the province because he had to raise money for Shaukat Khanum, NUML University, and Al-Qadir University.

He was accompanied during the airborne tour by Ali Amin Gandapur and Chief Minister Mehmood Khan. Imran claimed that he could only make a financial request once he had the proper evaluation of his damages and was aware of the ongoing relief efforts.

The PTI Chairman, Imran Khan, visited the Tank district to assess the flood situation, and our correspondent in Tank continues. He visited a relief camp built up at the Government College with the help of Chief Minister Mahmood Khan.

He was informed about the administration’s relief efforts and the losses brought on by the floods by Deputy Commissioner Hameedullah Khattak. Six committees, according to the official, have been established to assist the flood victims. He said, “The bodies include the committee for road connection; the committee for relief camps; the committee for providing tents and non-food items to victims; the health committee; the committee for electricity supply; and the emergency committee that would evaluate any emergency.

Many government structures, including the district courts, the deputy commissioner’s home, public parks, PTCL Colony, FC Line, and grid station, were reportedly flooded. 235 drainage operations, however, were carried out by the district administration to clear these places. Tank-Pezu Road and Tank-Jandola Road, according to the deputy commissioner, have been restored to traffic.

Houses, crops and other infrastructure in the region and neighboring Waziristan were damaged by the week-long torrential flash flood. He claimed that 80% of the district’s rural parts and 20% of its urban areas were both submerged by excessive rain and flooding.

During the flooding that lasted a week, the Warren Canal reportedly sustained damage and occasionally formed breaches.

The head of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf, Mr. Khan, requested on Friday that aid deliveries to flood victims in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa be sped up right away. To examine the situation and interact with the marooned families, he was in the flood-affected Dera Ismail Khan and Tank regions of Pakistan. The previous prime minister, likewise, lamented his inability to raise money for disaster aid.

In a video that was made public after he flew over the province’s flood-affected regions, Imran stated that he was unable to gather money for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Imran declared, “I am under pressure to solicit donations from the public for flood relief, but I won’t do that until I know for sure whether or not I can use the money fairly. The governments of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa said they would actively take part in the flood victims’ relief efforts.

Ali Amin Gandapur and Chief Minister Mehmood Khan accompanied him on the aerial trip.

PTI chairman Imran Khan visited Tank district to evaluate the flood situation. He went to a relief camp that had been established at the Government College thanks to Chief Minister Mahmood Khan.

Deputy Commissioner Hameedullah Khattak briefed him on the administration’s relief efforts and the losses brought on by the floods. According to the official, six committees have been formed to help the flood victims.


Floods cause destruction.

District courts, the deputy commissioner’s residence, public parks, PTCL Colony, FC Line, and grid station were among the government buildings that were inundated. The district administration carried out 235 drainage projects to clean up these areas. According to the deputy commissioner, traffic has resumed on Tank-Pezu Road and Tank-Jandola Road.


The region and neighboring Waziristan were both affected by the week-long torrential flash flood, which caused damage to homes, crops, and other infrastructure. He asserted that the severe rainfall and flooding had flooded 20% of the district’s urban areas and 80% of the district’s rural sections.

The Warren Canal allegedly suffered damage and occasionally developed breaches during the week-long inundation.



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