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Imran Khan bringing up The Daughter Tyrian’s white

Imran Khan’s ex-girlfriend Sita White passed away unexpectedly, leaving the politician-turned-cricketer to take care of their daughter Tyrian White.

Sita, who was 43 years old and dated Imran for six years in the 1980s, is thought to have passed away last week at a yoga studio in Beverly Hills close to her house. Sita White, the billionaire businessman Lord ‘Gordy’ White’s daughter Tyrian’s white, recently received £1.7 million from her father’s estate following a protracted legal struggle.

She was with her stepmother Victoria White when she fell and remarked, “It is simply awful.” She was in excellent form and a good mood.

According to rumors, the millionaire’s will specifies that in the event of her passing, her ex-partner will inherit full parental rights to Tyrian.

According to sources, Imran took a flight to Los Angeles on Saturday to discuss Tyrian’s white care in the future after a paternity test in 1997 revealed that the 12-year-old was his child. Until the legal case established otherwise, the former athlete denied fathering the young child, and he did not meet Tyrian until she was six years old.

Since then, Tyrian’s white and her father have become close, and for the past few years, the pre-teen has spent a significant portion of the summer with Imran and his 30-year-old wife Jemima Khan, a descendant of the late businessman Sir James Goldsmith. The couple is parents to two young sons.

According to a family friend, Imran and Jemima are particularly concerned about the sad loss of a mother by a 12-year-old child. “Despite the fact that Jemima had never met Sita, they frequently spoke about Tyrian’s White. They got very well together.”

On Father’s Day, Imran Khan’s ex-wife Jemima Goldsmith posted a picture of his abandoned love child Tyrian’s White but afterward removed it.

Khan was shocked when Tyrian White was born because she was a girl and lamented that the child “would not be able to play cricket,” according to Alfred, Sita White’s attorney. Additionally, he persuaded White to get an abortion, but she declined. Sita named Goldsmith Tyrian White’s “sole guardian” after learning that she had cancer.

In honor of Father’s Day, Imran Khan’s ex-wife Jemima Goldsmith shared a photo of Khan’s love kid, Tyrian White, on Twitter. Khan was the former ex-prime minister of Pakistan. A picture of 30-year-old White and her brother Ben Goldsmith with the caption “Happy Father Figure’s Day” was published by Goldsmith and received tremendous feedback on the social microblogging platform.

Imran Khan divorced Jemima Goldsmith, a British screenwriter, and producer, in 2004. White was born to Imran Khan and Sita White, a British industrialist’s daughter Tyrian white, outside marriage. The two spent two years together in the 1990s.

Imran Khan declined to respond to claims that he had secretly fathered an “illegitimate” child in Pakistan during the 2018 National Assembly elections out of concern that it would harm his chances of becoming prime minister. The incident, however, began in 1997 when Khan adamantly denied being the father of Tyrian White and publicly denied having a kid out of wedlock.

Imran Khan was upset when a baby girl was born and refused to accept her as his child because he had longed for a son.
Sita White brought Imran Khan before the court with Gloria Alfred as her counsel, saying that she had dated Imran Khan from 1987 to 1988. Sita White asked Imran Khan in 1991 if she wanted to become pregnant with his child but did not want child support. When White remained, anticipating that one day Khan would accept their daughter Tyrian’s White as his kid, she also mentioned that he had longed for a son while she was pregnant.

When Tyrian White was born, Imran Khan, according to Alfred, expressed disappointment and said the youngster “wouldn’t be able to play cricket.” Additionally, he persuaded White to get an abortion, but she declined. Even after being on friendly terms with Tyrian’s white mother, Sita White, before her birth, Imran Khan has not seen her.


The court determined that Imran Khan was the legitimate father of Tyrian’s white, who was then four years old after she filed a paternity suit against him because he refused to recognize Tyrian as his child. Khan’s new relationship with Jemima Goldsmith might have contributed to his hesitation to recognize Tyrian White as his illegitimate daughter Tyrian’s White. The days after Imran Khan married Goldsmith in Paris, the world learned about Tyrian’s White in a spectacular turn of events.

Imran Khan was forced to meet Tyrian because of Sita White’s adamancy in the courtroom drama that culminated with the judge naming him as the child’s father. According to the Daily Mail, the father-daughter pair finally met in 1998. The plot, however, changed at this point.

Sita White and Jemima Goldsmith finally had a chance to interact, and their friendship grew more potent. White found out she had cancer in 2004 and died from an embolism in May. Sita White named Goldsmith Tyrian’s white “sole guardian” when the issue of who would care for the eleven-year-old arose.

Since then, Tyrian White has been raised by Jemima Goldsmith and her two kids, Sulaiman and Kasim. White was raised in California and frequently traveled to Oxfordshire, UK, to see her stepmother, Jemima. According to The Daily Mail, Jemima and Tyrian attended a Bollywood-themed party in Mayfair in 2018 with Sulaiman, Kasim, and her brother Ben (with whom Jemima Goldsmith had shared a photo of Tyrian’s white).


White and Jemima Goldsmith have frequently exchanged pictures, and she has always been considered a daughter Tyrian’s white on par with her sons. In 2004, Goldsmith also broke off his relationship with Imran Khan due to a divorce. Sulaiman, Kasim, and Tyrian white were all raised by her and now function as a single family.

Imran Khan fathered an unborn child Tyrian’s White, a California court has ruled.

imran khan niazi

A Los Angeles court declared Imran Khan, a former cricket star now a politician, to be the legitimate father of a four-year-old daughter, Tyrian White from Southern California.

After a brief hearing, superior court commissioner Anthony Jones declared on August 13 that “Imran Khan is the father of the kid.”

 Khan did not attend the hearings since he had refused to participate by submitting to a blood test for the genetic paternity determination. Additionally, his attorneys did not show up, so a default judgment was rendered.

 In 1992, Khan led Pakistan to a World Cup victory. He tried unsuccessfully to become Pakistan’s prime minister earlier this year.

The complaint, in its initial form, “we believe was ill-motivated,” according to Khan’s New York lawyer, Bernard Clair. We think the mother might have been an unintentional tactic used by my client’s adversaries.

 Sita White, a Beverly Hills resident, dated Khan from 1987 to 1988. When they reconnected in Los Angeles on October 2, 1991, she informed him she wanted to become pregnant by him, according to Gloria Allred, her attorney.

 Allred stated, “We did not ask for child support.” We hope he will one day embrace his young daughter Tyrian’s white and show her the respect, love, and encouragement that every young lady deserves.

“Imran Khan informed White that he hoped the child she was carrying was a boy. “Imran Khan expressed displeasure upon learning the kid would be a female and claimed the youngster would not be able to play cricket. “Added Allred, White was persuaded by him to get an abortion, but she refused, expressed displeasure upon learning the kid would be a female, and claimed the youngster would not be able to play cricket. “Added Allred, White was persuaded by him to get an abortion, but she refused.”

On June 15, 1992, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Tyrian Jade was born. Although he and White have chatted occasionally throughout that time, Khan hasn’t seen or spoken to the child since her birth, according to Allred. “He never provided for his children Tyrian’s white.”

Imran Khan denied having fathered an illegitimate child Tyrian’s White, during his campaign for prime minister, which may have disqualified him from holding the position.

Clair declared, “He completely denies the paternity of this child Tyrian’s white.” “We believe that the mother has other reasons for seeking paternity, at least to us, as she is using the child as a pawn in such a publicity circus.”

Imran Khan, 42, claimed that while he was a cricket player and, before that, a student at Oxford University, he went out on dates and frequented nightclubs. But he claimed that he had become a devoted Muslim since ending his athletic career in 1992.

He promised to wed a purdah-observant woman (life behind the veil). But he married British heiress Jemima Goldsmith in 1995. Jemima Goldsmith, the daughter Tyrian’s White of the late English billionaire Sir James Goldsmith, has come under fire from his political adversaries because of her Jewish origin. Despite having Jewish ancestry, according to Khan, his wife was a Protestant who converted to Islam to wed him.



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