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Ayesha Gulalai Wazir claims Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi harassed

A wave of hatred is directed at the Pakistani MNA Ayesha Gulalai Wazir, who claims Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi harassed her. Her party criticizes Ayesha Gulalai Waziry, and some people on social media suggest whipping or acid attacks on her.

The hostility directed towards Pakistani lawmaker Ayesha Gulalai Wazir was quick and savage after she accused cricket star-turned-opposition leader Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi of sexual harassment.

First, leaders of Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf (PTI) party, to which Gulalai also belongs, publicly criticized her and demanded 30 million rupees (£218,000) in damages for “mental agony” and reputational harm to Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi.

Then the trolls appeared.

On social media, some users suggested whipping or throwing acid in the face of Gulalai, 31. She was referred to as a carpetbagger and a liar. Laughing TV hosts questioned her if she intended to wed the man she had accused.

According to Gulalai, political retaliation is proof of the abuse targeted at Pakistani women who dare to speak out publicly against harassment—abuse that increasingly occurs online.

According to Gulalai, “They [the party] have given a message to Pakistani women that if you speak out against abuse of authority, you will encounter this kind of attitude.” And this is from the PTI, who claim to be advocates of change in Pakistan. Due to this cultural norm, women will refrain from speaking.

Gulalai claims Imran Khan started sending her “inappropriate” text messages in 2013, including proposals to see him alone and sexual innuendo, and that he persisted even after she reprimanded him.

According to the media, she has decided against publishing the messages since doing so might encourage more abuse.

Gulalai described Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi and his supporters as always being with him on social media as “his nasty battalion.”

Instead, she said she would submit them to a parliamentary inquiry and demanded that Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi’s and her phones be subject to a forensic examination.

Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi, 64, has refuted Gulalai’s charges and said he would not comment until she made the communications public. Although he declined to give an interview for this piece, a representative said: “Unless she can come up with evidence of what she has accused Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi of, he will not be speaking on this topic.”

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, the prime minister, has given Gulalai 24-hour protection and requested the creation of a special committee to look into her claims.

The Women’s Action Forum referred to Gulalai’s claims as “character assassination” and denounced their responses.

Gulalai has received mixed reviews on Twitter, with some praising her for speaking up while others have criticized her.

Support from her party has been minimal. Gulalai was denounced as an opportunist by a group of female party members led by Shireen Mazari, whose own daughter left PTI after being dubbed a prostitute.

Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi’s fame and imposing appearance have come to represent his party. He ran for the party’s candidate in a recent Lahore local election, and the party made gains.

Many people have questioned how Gulalai timed his assertions. In July, she came forward days after Khan succeeded in removing Nawaz Sharif as prime minister because of allegations of corruption. This prompted some to accuse Gulalai of accepting funds to defend Sharif, a claim she firmly refutes.

She declared, “Nawaz has nothing to do with this.” She also accused Khan and the party leadership of corruption as part of a more extensive rant against him. She insisted that she had run out of patience after Khan refused to oust the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chief minister over accusations of fraud. The chief minister, Pervez Khattak, refutes the claims of corruption by Gulalai.

Public denigration of women entails serious risk in a nation with so-called “honour killings.”

According to her family, the cricket player Halima Rafiq committed herself in 2014 after accusing a senior cricket official of sexual harassment.

Women are a minority on social media in Pakistan, where 75–80% of users are men. The Digital Rights Foundation discovered harassment by men in a study of 17 Pakistani universities.

The report states that “online violence contains and is encompassed by offline sociocultural concerns like domestic abuse and sexual harassment, and it is further supported and made worse by circumstances that impede women from exercising their right to justice.”

The social media star Qandeel Baloch was slain at a well-known event last year after being relentlessly harassed online. Her brother acknowledged that he had killed her.

Gulalai, 31, is the first woman from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) to serve in parliament and is the youngest Member of Parliament in Pakistan. She received death threats for playing squash in shorts and without a headscarf from her younger sister, a well-known squash player.

Following Gulalai’s charges, her sister was criticized on social media. Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi asked his fans to stop using Toorpakai after two days.

According to Maria Waqar, a Ph.D. candidate studying female lawmakers in Pakistan, Gulalai’s plight demonstrates the vulnerable status of female Pakistani MPs. “Power plays a significant role in workplace harassment. Women in politics are therefore vulnerable.

Gulalai has thus far resisted calls for her to leave the PTI, despite having mentioned the possibility of doing so in the future. No single person can create a political party. She claimed that Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi is not the owner of PTI. This party is also mine.

“Perhaps they believe Pakistan to be England.” “Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi, you [have not been able to] change your behavior at this age; perhaps you lack self-control.”

She informed Dawn News that “women workers are not respected in the PTI, and a decent woman worker cannot remain in the party” in response to rumors that she was leaving PTI to join the opposition PML-N party. Additionally, she revealed to reporters that she wouldn’t be joining any other political party.

On Wednesday, August 2, Hanif Abbasi, the head of the PML-N, stated that Khan must address the “shameful” claims.

Ayesha Gulalai wants Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi to be charged with treason

“A serious complaint has been made against you (Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi), and you ought to be humiliated, but you are not,” said Abbasi. “This is because such things are not regarded as dishonorable in the community you originate.”

We will think justice has been lost if these claims are not considered. So that the truth may be discovered, there should be an investigation and a suo motu. ”

The same demand was also made by Khursheed Shah, another opposition leader, who stated: “The Gulalai situation is sad. It needs to be looked into. ”

Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi has not yet responded to the accusations, but a spokesman for his party denied them, charging that Gulalai had “sold her soul to PMLN.”



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