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In 2010, Imran Khan’s perspective on the world

Pakistan’s ISLAMABAD It’s a challenging drive to Imran Khan’s villa. If Imran Khan asks someone where the former cricketer-turned-politician resides, fingers will hazily point up.

After a 20-minute trip from the afternoon commuter congestion and the jam-packed traffic of colorfully decorated trucks with melodic horns, it is peaceful outside.

A warm orange glow is thrown across the fields by the setting sun. You can hear crickets.

Finally, A street with holes big enough to swallow a few cow forks. If you turn left, a smoother route leads to Imran Khan’s mansion, which is visible between a row of well-kept bushes and a big iron gate.

Imran Khan enters as the tea is served in his living room, which has two large white couches. He adds, “Let’s sit outside; the night is gorgeous. He is sporting white jogging shoes, a loose grey button-up shirt, and flawlessly tousled hair.

But before he even glances up from his BlackBerry, a growling black and white dog races around the corner along the lawn’s expanse, providing a breathtaking view of Islamabad below.

The moment Imran Khan issues the command, the dog slinks to his feet and shivers. Imran Khan apologizes, “We don’t receive many tourists here.”

Imran Khan is distinguished from others below by more than just its breathtaking, lofty topography.

Imran Khan was born and raised in England, where he received his education. He was regarded as one of cricket’s finest players, and during the height of his renown, he was a regular on the elite social scene in London, earning the moniker “the playboy prince.”

His 1995 marriage to British socialite Jemima Goldsmith garnered media attention once more because Goldsmith was Jewish, and he was twice her age. (She later became a Muslim.)

Nine years and two children later, they divorced peacefully. Imran Khan

Although he has been the only representative of the organization elected to parliament, his political career began in 1996 with the founding of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (Movement for Justice).

His most outstanding achievement in this area has been as a fundraiser, using the money he obtained to found the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre in 1996 and a college in 2008. No other political party comes close to what he recently raised for disaster relief.


However, Imran Khan’s candidacy for prime minister is largely disregarded in the West due to his ties to extremist groups and in the local press as a political lightweight. He is frequently described as “anti-American.”

Some have criticized you for having close relations with the Taliban. Do you believe negotiations are essential to ending the war in Afghanistan?

The majority of Americans think terrorism and the Taliban are the same things. They were religious fundamentalists, not terrorists. Fundamentalism constantly halts the development of religious thought because it interprets its faith literally. Fundamentalism is, therefore, an unenlightened version of all religions, yet calling them terrorists is false.

Pakistan should inform the Americans that it will no longer use force and instead turns to talks to save itself.

“We are getting out of this madness,” and at that point, Pakistan can play a significant role in the negotiations with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

It wasn’t very reasonable. What impact does Imran Khan believe this has on your chances in the upcoming election? Some people thought your boycott of the most recent polls.

Looking at our democracy, the time has shown that we were right to boycott the previous election—the most despicable act of government ever committed in the name of democracy. The senior government’s principal goal is to undermine a free justice system somehow. They are dishonest.

The Cold War has not taught the United States any lessons. They are continuously requesting these puppets. Additionally, these puppets not only incite anti-Americanism but also assign blame for all of their wrongdoings to Americans. Since Asif Zardari is viewed as an American puppet, hate for Zardari also includes hatred for the United States.

What would Imran Khan say about yourself and your position?

They claim that I am a Taliban member. People who attacked Taliban Khan also targeted me. Then they claim that because of my ex-wife, I am a participant in a Jewish plot to annex Pakistan. However, I firmly believe that you can’t mislead everyone all the time; eventually, people will catch on to your actions.

You and Nelson Mandela went to the renowned “blood diamond” supper (when former Liberian president Charles Taylor gave Naomi Campbell diamonds). What do you remember happening?

Of course, I recall Naomi Campbell and the supper. Charles Taylor is not someone I can remember. I wanted to see Mandela mainly because he is one of the few leaders I have looked up to. I recall Mia Farrow.

Why did Imran Khan decide to enter politics?

Why should I consider a career in politics? The residence of the prime minister is inferior to mine. Everything is right here. More Pakistanis appreciate me than anyone else. I don’t need guards here since they love and respect me and can move freely. I only want to be in politics because I believe Pakistan has great potential, and I am a Pakistani. This nation’s populace is vibrant and talented. The issue is that we have a corrupt political class—I prefer to call it a mafia. Giving this country strong governance is the only way to make a change.

However, some claim that you are a one-person show with no genuine chances for your party to take the lead.

We’ll win the next election handily. I’ll repeat it right now: People believe me. In politics, they have no faith in anyone else.

In that you’re advocating “change,” your fans have drawn comparisons between you and U.S. President Barack Obama.

Imran Khan was accused of being un-American

You are not anti-American if you disagree with American policy. If we disagree, we must be rightists, hardliners, radicals, etc. Unfortunately, that is why they categorize us in that way. It’s a highly imperialistic perspective that borders on colonialism.

How are you against people? America is a very varied nation. A complete fool would oppose the people.

What does Imran Khan think of Inter-Services Intelligence’s involvement in the war in Afghanistan on behalf of Pakistan?

I do not ascribe blame to the ISI. I believe that the United States has lost the war in Afghanistan. They lost the war because they failed to win the Pashtun people’s hearts and minds. They started looking for scapegoats as soon as they lost that battle.

Pakistan’s future?

Now, we stand at the threshold. We are entirely destabilized, just scraping by on American dollars, and this conflict is to blame for the nation’s financial collapse.



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